Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mom and Her Phone

She frequently loses it. Today she called me (she has no land line, so naturally she was calling on her cell). During the call, she said "Oh no, I can't find my cell phone". I said "Mom, you're talking on it right now." "Oh yeah" she said.

Mom is 81 now. I have noticed mental slips like this the last year or so, but they appear to be getting a bit worse. My dad declined mentally in his last 6 months or so, I didn't noticed his mind going before that. Mom I don't know about. She goes to the doctor regularly, and her mind is still lot sharper than my dad's toward the end.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time Will Tell or Will Will Tell Time?

What is my purpose in life? Do I even have one? Time may tell. But until the day I die, I will only try my best, and do all I can to contribute to others, and refrain from any action that diminishes the beauty of the world.

By the way, I know no one personally named Will (well, no I guess I do, sorry William!) but he knows how to tell time, but is that what my post title means? Is Will well if he doesn't tell time. Or tell it to go to hell? But in what since? No, you're thinking "sense", but since makes more sense for time, don't ya think?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Experimental Post #1

Bluey, it be St. Paddy's Day? Why me forget to where green? I forgot! Why? Not enough Irish blood? hell and damn my name is Shamus! I should be weraing green. Am I dreaming? I don't know for no one pinched me because of my lack of grren outerwear (hey wait, maybe my underpants are green...hold on while I take a look) No they are Mickey Mouse. But that means...I'm going to Disneyland!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Plastic Pineapple

I have two small toy cars on my desk at work. I also have a small brass Buddha. In addition, I have a wooden top, that I spin while I'm "working". I like spinning my top. It's more satisfying than my blue glass cat, that sits, dignified, the way a cat should, observing all the other knickknacks with disdain. But I'd rather give up my top than my blue cat.

I have a plastic dinosaur, but I haven't added him yet to my desk. I feel he's a little out of place, and though small, still much larger than the other objects he would join. Well, he is a dinosaur, so I guess he should be the biggest thing there.

I've wanted to buy a small indoor plant for my desk for the longest time, but haven't found a suitable one. I don't want a plastic plant, though such would fit right in.

My mom threw out a bunch of stuff, mostly old papers and junk mail, the other day. I discovered, upon finding out about this, that she included in this pile of what she considered trash, a small plastic pineapple. I asked her why she was getting rid of the pineapple, but she had no answer. She also had no clue as to where it had come from. Ah, a mysterious plastic pineapple. Just what I was looking for to add to my desk. I'm going to keep it. It's kind of a plant, though plastic, but at least it will fit in with the other members of my work crew.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Is An Anecdote?

An anecdote is a short and amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person. It may be as brief as the setting and provocation of a bon mot. An anecdote is always presented as based on a real incident involving actual persons, whether famous or not, usually in an identifiable place. However, over time, modification in reuse may convert a particular anecdote to a fictional piece, one that is retold but is "too good to be true". Sometimes humorous, anecdotes are not jokes, because their primary purpose is not simply to evoke laughter, but to reveal a truth more general than the brief tale itself, or to delineate a character trait in such a light that it strikes in a flash of insight to its very essence.-from Wikipedia